††† ABOUT †††

Forever undefined. Ghost can be a platform or a space, it could also be an opening/hollow or a texture. Ghost could be a carpet to make music on or gather around. It could be a swimming pool to hold a conference or the blank cigarette paper on which to write a political speech.

Ghost can operate as a single shadow, but always shadows a multitude; it requires more than one person or being or object. Ghost celebrates polyvocality, polyvalence and polycentrism. Ghost likes to follow and respond, and as such is flexible in form. But it also can be a generative force. It can be active, passive or both at once.
Ghost is a collaborative project.

Ghost seeks to create and maintain relations, expanding and entangling notions of family, friendship, work relations and art making.

Ghost is a way of allowing chance and/or contingency to exist and choreograph composition and technique.

Ghost wants to find ways of making a division between art making and life, but it can´t, because Ghost is grossly unprofessional so it uses daily life as mixed media. Ghost likes to make ceramics with the living, seriously.