Un Passage d’eau (The Waterway ) - Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet
The Time that Remains - Soda_Jerk
Edible Giant Fungi PuffBall - Blanche Cybele Derby
Life of our Progressive thinkers - Momu & No Es
After the Rainbow - Soda_Jerk
Guests in a Different Time is a screening programme of female collaborators whose work reflects alternative notions of time. In the selected films, time is made personal, remixed, appropriated, and fictionalised. Time is, as Hamlet says, out of joint, or perhaps off its hinges, off course, beside itself or misadjusted. Through a non-conformity to the past, we are presented with different expectations and re-imaginings of the future. If a guest can be a life, a character in a film or an audience, can the host be a temporality, a clam or a meteorite? These video works incite presence in parallel temporalities by acknowledging non-linear passages of time.