This Far Not Further

- an exploration of de-colonising practices in artists film

For the first of these and our 5th haunt GHOST present a curated evening of films which explore attitudes to de-colonising discourse. Works within the screening take very different approaches to this question, ranging from documentary to sci-fi.

Selected works interrogate who authors history, and through our ongoing, collective performance of these histories, how we might shift them. These works do not only look backwards, however, they also speculate, offer hopes, practical methodologies and poetics toward alternative futures.

The screening will include works by Eric A. Stanley and Chris E. Vargas, Neil Beloufa and Beatriz Santiago Munoz.
Beatriz Santiago Munoz - Nocturne
Loukia Alanavou - the hunter
Eric A. Stanley and Chris E. Vargas
neil beloufa kempinski